Q: (David) My girlfriend still has regular contact with her ex-boyfriend and wants to go out to museum with him. She assures me I have nothing to worry about and that they are just friends. They were together for 8 years, and we have been seeing each other for 3 years. It’s that I don’t trust her but I don’t feel very comfortable with the idea. Should I ask her not to go or pretend it doesn’t bother me?

A: (Pete)Hey David, she has the right to see anyone she wants, including friends you might not like or past boyfriends. I think you need to give each other some room and if she tells you that you have nothing to worry about you should trust her.

A: (John) If you tell her that you don’t like her being out with her ex-boyfriend, then sheshould respect that and cancel the date. Relationships are all about giving and taking and making compromises.

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