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The Story of Stuart Morgan

Mr. Stuart Morgan and his wife of 20 years recently divorced after realizing that they were not compatible. In the years leading up to the divorce Mr. Morgan had frequent arguments
with his wife usually about the same subjects. The main reason was that he wanted her to be to be more involved in the home life, raising the children, cooking dinner, and taking the children to school more often. She however was very ambitious and wanted to do whatever it took to be promoted at work, and spent more hours at the office then at home. When they first met, it was her ambition and independence that he had found so attractive. He came to realize that the qualities he had found so attractive in her at when they first met relationship were not a good basis for a long term relationship.

A few years after his divorce, he met another younger woman who was an artist and very passionate about painting. He fell in love with her because she was so different than his exwife, free spirited and not concerned with status and career.

Before asking her to marry him, he wanted objective advice from peers and experts and became a member of IsSheRightForMe.com. By taking a number of tests, speaking with experts about his situation, he learned to ask the right questions to himself and his future wife discovering that she too was ambitious in her own way, and would do anything to sell her paintings, such as working until late at night and travelling frequently to exhibit her work.He then realized that he was about to make a wrong choice, and was attracted to her for the
same reasons that caused his marriage to fail.

Arthur’s Bennett second relationship

Arthur is a successful businessman in his 50’s who owns a chain of restaurants. He lives in a
nice ranch, and enjoys travelling and culture. His wife passed away a number of years ago and although he misses her very much, he is feeling lonely and is looking for a new woman to travel with, enjoy good food and nice wine, and together enjoy the finer things of life.

Through a friend he is introduced to Caroline, an attractive blond in her early thirties. Her zest for life attracts him, as does her beauty. She likes to go to nice restaurants, and often the last one to leave a party. Chatty and sociable, she works as a real-estate agent in which she is quite successful.

rthur falls in love with Caroline’s passion for life and youthfulness and decides to propose to her after dating for six months. He tells a few of his good friends about his plans who warn
him to be careful and make sure that she is the right woman for him.

One of his friends recommends him to check IsSheRightForMe.com, where he can go for objective advice from experts and peers who are facing similar situations. By taking a number of personality and relationship tests, he discovers that what he really wants is someone to enjoy his upcoming retirement with, and who shares the same passions as he does. Itbecame clear that Caroline wanted to have children within the next few years, stop working,and enjoy the comforts of a luxurious lifestyle.

Realising that these were fundamental differences, Arthur decided to end the relationship and look for a woman more compatible him in his stage of his life.